All serious affiliate marketers use spy tools.

These tools allow marketers to see what competitors are doing, what ads are running, what keywords are being used and so on.

Unfortunately, many of these tools come with crazy prices. In the hundreds of dollars per month.

This means for many folk, they are simply too expensive (even though the rewards of great intel can make you some serious coin).

I was introduced to the Spytrack, the tool I’m going to review today that allows you to spy on certain aspects of Twitter and YouTube.

Spytrack is by Richard Fairbairn and Paul O’Keefe. This is, to my knowledge, the first time I have reviewed one of their products.

So, I cannot give my experience as to how well they support their stuff but they have been very helpful during the review process.

They did promote vidskippy though, so a minus point for that lol 🙂

Anyhow, let’s look at what Spytrack is and how to use it.

What can you Use Spytrack for?
If you do YouTube then you can monitor competitors and watch what they are doing on any promotions that you are working on.

If they are very successful, use Spytrack to see which are the best times to promote as It works out when they are getting most engagement with the video.

How does this work?

Well, it is based of the account of the YouTube channel in question.

So If someone is baed in Japan, the times the software produces will be Japan time assuming they have Japan as their channel settings.

So if you are spying on me, yet are based in the US of A, then you’ll need to calculate that shizzle.

Other things you can learn is the optimal length of the videos your successful competition are making, the average views/comments and likes to strive for as well as tags they are using.

When it comes to twitter, you can follow users or simply look at hashtags to find viral trends and viral tweets.

You will also be able to see which users get the most traction for that tweet and potentially follow them and their followers.

If you do that, some of them will follow you back.

You can also see what tweets get the most traction and model your tweets off of them.

Look at trending topics and see what is working in real time.

Learn which tweets get the most interaction based on media, hashtags and posting times. Then use this data for yourself.

It gives you a real time look at what is happening with your social media campaigns, and the real time keyword and hashtag cloud function could help you improve them.

Spy Track Live Tracking App. $47 one time fee. Early bird pricing of $37 and rising to $47 through the launch. Everything included that you need to be able to create live tracking campaigns for Twitter and Youtube

First Upsell Spy Track Agency. $67 one time fee. This is the full agency module with pro extra built in. You get an agency designed website included (not sure how this looks).

Second Upsell Social Pack. $67 one time fee. Social Scheduling app plus an agency license and over 70 videos included all about making successful social media campaigns.


Tracks in real time
You can download everything in CSV of PDF format for reference.
Web based

Easy to use, great for a beginner.

A one time fee.

This is the only red flag for me as softwares need maintaining. I hope these guys do that but it’s out of my control. Will give the benefit of the doubt though.

In summary, this could be a valuable tool for you if you use either or Twitter/YouTube a decent amount.



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